Here are some things worth knowing about MOB45, to make sure you get the most out of every minute of your workout.

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Booking Workouts

You can book online from 7am the day before your class or by phone from 9am on the day of your class.

Please note that you can’t book classes that overlap each other, and be aware of the “two strikes” booking system (two no-shows at booked workouts equal a two-week booking ban.)

If you have to cancel a workout, make sure you tell us at least one hour before it starts. Entering the club without showing your membership card can result in an unrecorded attendance and go down as a class booking strike.

First time registration

Make sure that you visit the members’ section on the website and verify your details.

Registration problems?

Make sure your personal details (email, postcode, mobile number, date of birth etc) match the ones you gave when you signed up. You'll need your member number to register. You’ll find it on your membership card, or you can get it by calling MOB45 on 020 7871 4549. Any other questions? Ask at reception or call us any time.


Club users are entitled to one towel per visit. Additional towels are available at £1.50 each.


During your workout we recommend that you keep your personal belongings in a locker. You’ll need your own padlock (a combination lock is best so there’s no key to worry about). You can buy one at reception or bring your own. If you want your own permanent locker, ask at reception about availability or follow the link below.

Personal Training

If you want to work out in your own personal MOB, one-on-one with one of our instructors, speak to them next time you’re in the gym or make contact via the interactive digital noticeboard. All of our personal trainers are independent fitness professionals, ready to tailor a workout to your exact requirements

Guest Passes

A non-member day pass costs £15. You’ll need to show one valid form of ID and complete an exercise waiver before you start. If you want to work out at MOB45 more often, it may be more cost effective to take out a membership. Full details are always available at reception.

Freezing your membership

If you can’t work out for a specific period of time, tell us and we’ll reduce your monthly fee to a special £15 holding fee while you’re away. To freeze your membership we would require notice by the 20th day of the month prior to the freeze start date. The freeze period must always start on the 1st day of a month and you may freeze for between one and six full months at a time. If you’re sick, injured or pregnant (medical proof required), we’ll freeze your membership free of charge. For more details follow the link below.


MOB45 is about making the most of every minute you spend working out. So tell us what you think of our new gym and if we can improve it, we will. There’s always someone at reception ready to listen to your feedback or you can contact the general manager.